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- Our Story -

It all started with meat.

As a young man back in the 1920’s, founder Harry Smuckler

was part owner of Canton’s Superior Meats.

He left during the Great Depression to start his own slaughterhouse,

Fairmont Provision Company, in Alliance, Ohio.

The next generation of Smucklers – Hershel and Al – changed the format of the business and acquired Canton Hotel and Restaurant Supply at its current location. Their mission was delivering fine meats and more to the area’s better eating establishments.


New Ideas

The current ownership, Bill and Howard Smuckler, struck out

on their own for an education in the private sector before

returning to Canton Hotel & Restaurant Supply.

Howard Smuckler worked for a large manufacturer that sold vinyl film

on the east coast; Bill, always a political junkie, headed to Cleveland and worked for then-Mayor Dennis Kucinich. Their sister, Amy, who has since retired, went to California to work for KFC. The three gathered

a wide range of experience and insights.

The idea was to learn how to improve the business and

help our customers benefit from a diversity that many

family-owned companies may not be able to offer.

High Standards in Ohio
Today, back in Canton, the third generation of Smucklers has

evolved Canton Hotel & Restaurant Supply for today’s

restaurant and catering needs. We're able to compete successfully

with larger foodservice distributors due to our family tradition of

doing things right.

The real secret is our commitment to personalized service

for every customer. We will always find a solution for getting

what you need, the way you want it, when and where you need it to be.

The Smuckler Promise: Quality • Consistency • Service


Serving ten Ohio counties, we are large enough to provide everything

from center-of-the-plate to back-of-the-house, yet nimble enough

to jump through hoops for you.

* * * 
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